Thursday, August 1, the family will Meet & Greet with one another at the Buffalo Grand Hotel, 120 Church Street in the Red Room! The family will mingle with aunts, uncles, cousins and friends of the family. The night life is for you to explore.

Friday, August 2, the children will have a choice of activities to choose from and the majority wins!!! The Jeffrey “Ricky” McCarley & Leonard Watts Golf Tournament will be held earrrrrrrly in the morning. Please bring your golf clubs and golf gear for this activity!!! Both men and women are more than welcome to indulge in this tournament. This cost will be a separate entity. The family will be free to roam the Buffalo Niagara and Canadian (with a passport/enhanced license) area on their own until 6:00 PM when the family will come together for the “All White Gathering.” This event will be held at the Buffalo Grand, in the Fountain Room. If you own a business we would like for you to be prepared to share what you have to offer to your family and the world at the Banquet! Bring whatever you use to advertise with, to share for interested family members.

Saturday, August 3, will host our annual picnic at Cheektowaga Town Park in Cheektowaga, New York and please wear your t-shirts to this event. The children and adults will be entertained with games, music, delicious food and enjoying one another’s company as we catch up and reminisce in the park.

Sunday, August 4, the last meeting of the 2019 Buffalo, New York McCarley Family Reunion, will include Sunday service of the Buffalonian Ministers in lieu of “Family,” in the Red Room. Immediately following the service Buffalo, New York will “Pass the Torch!”